Pollution Control System Maintenance

We can help your company solve its pollution control maintenance problems.  Our technicians are trained in maintaining systems for all types of industrial, commercial, and residential pollutants.  Click below to learn more about the services below:

Filter Reclamation

Filter reclamation is the process of cleaning and recycling used filters.  This process requires a specialist and machines tailored to removing the dust and particles from the filter.  To learn more about the steps involved with this service click here >>


  • Performance Enhancement
  • Efficiency
  • System Implementation
  • ISO 14001 Compliance


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Green HVAC

TeamEco is leading the way for "Zero Landfill" filter cleaning for commercial, industrial, and even residential HVAC systems. This allows the customer to reuse filters over and over, cutting the cost of replacement as well as eliminating landfill. 

Teameco offers replacement filters